Material Laws Become the Digital Twin

The success of realistic simulation mainly depends on the quality of the input data. Geometry data is being resolved in ever finer finite elements. Material data concerning the steel alloys, fluids, etc. being used are available in detail and high accuracy. On the whole, these are static or temperature-dependent values. The most critical component in calculating the injection molding process is the plastic itself. It constantly and dynamically changes its behavior depending on pressure, shear, temperature, time, filler orientation, etc. at each location.


In order to get even closer to reality with simulation, for example with shrinkage and warpage, it is therefore worthwhile to determine these influencing factors - which also influence each other - in a practical manner when determining the material laws. Up to now, laboratory measurement values determined on test plates have been available for this purpose. With Virtual Thermoplastics, SIGMASOFT® has now created the possibility of additionally using real data directly from processing in order to make the material laws even more realistic.











SIGMASOFT® VIRTUAL THERMOPLASTICS transforms your material data into a digital twin.




Let's jointly start your Virtual Thermoplastics project. Together we'll clear the data set obstacle and build a basis for validating your simulation results.

And this is how we start: To ensure a smooth process, first of all we ask for all data which is relevant for process and safety. This helps to assess whether the customer process can be sampled safely. Subsequently, we run tests with the sample of your material in a laboratory using accurate process conditions and collect the data.  After qualification of the data points by our experts, you will receive a detailed breakdown of the lab and processing results and a ready-to-use virtual fingerprint of your material.

Our engineers will advise you on how to make the best use of the fingerprint and virtual twin for your projects. The final Virtual Thermoplastics Training, customized to your material, will make you an expert in simulation optimization.

Each Virtual Thermoplastics study also offers the possibility to integrate laboratory and processing data directly into your SIGMASOFT® material database and improve simulation results.

Our experts are just a phone call or email away. Learn even more details about the effort, process, and benefits by talking to our Virtual Thermoplastics experts.