Process Coaching

Prerequisites: Operation Training
Course Level: Intermediate
Duration : 3 days
Course Fee :

1. 4500€+6%VAT(for up to 3 participants)
2. Included in a valid Maintenance and Support Agreement

About the course:
The Process Coaching course is a mandatory follow-up to the Operation Training course and contains additional information necessary for the completion of the Operation Training program. The main users must complete at least 3 simulation projects before they are eligible to attend a Process Coaching. After working with the software in a real-world environment, main users may have encountered situations which were not addressed during the Operation Training course. The Process Coaching course allows main users the opportunity to discuss any problems they may have encountered. The Process Coaching program will provide greater insight into result meaning, combining results for better understanding, discussion of defect identification using results and advanced set-up techniques.

Course Overview :
● Review users’ projects
● Advance modelling technique and criterion
● In-depth analysis into simulation results
- Filling
- Solidification/Curing
● Simulation report guideline
● Process knowledge to simulation applications
● Autonomous optimization analysis
● Labs

By the end of this session the main user should be able to :
● Efficiently set up projects, evaluate simulation results

Who should attend:
● SIGMASOFT® users (Priority)

● Engineers, designers, technicians working in an ejection molding environment or professionals who work with ejection molding processes

● MAGMA Engineering (Suzhou) Co., Ltd     MAGMAacademy


MAGMA Engineering (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Room 1515 CIQ Tower
No. 98 Suhui Road
Suzhou Industrial Park
Jiangsu Province
215021 China
Phone: +86 512 6272 5820
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