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Upgrade Training

Prerequisites: Operation Training
Course Level: Basic
Duration : 1-2 days
Course Fee : Included in a valid Maintenance and Support Agreement

About the course:
The Upgrade Training is offered when a major software version change or upgrade occurs. Main users
who attend an Upgrade Training will find it easier and faster to learn the new options and features
available, facilitating a smooth transition to the new version. In cases where main users are utilizing
multiple modules of SIGMASOFT®, efforts will be made to combine module functionality in one

Course Overview :
● New major features of SIGMASOFT®

By the end of this session the main user should be able to :
● Understand and use the newly introduced features of SIGMASOFT®

Who should attend:
● SIGMASOFT® users

● MAGMA Engineering (Suzhou) Co., Ltd   MAGMAacademy


MAGMA Engineering (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Room 1515 CIQ Tower
No. 98 Suhui Road
Suzhou Industrial Park
Jiangsu Province
215021 China
Phone: +86 512 6272 5820
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